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Myles Dias honored for the Future of Senior Fitness

                                                                              (September 12, 2016)

(Honolulu) -- Myles Dias was honored by the Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society (HPGS) for the Future of Senior Fitness; a series of programs he developed and designed to educate older adults about the importance of exercise, health, and fitness. Citing his unique contribution to the elderly of the State of Hawaii, the HPGS presented Dias with a Na Lima Kokua Award in the Community Service category at its 19th Biennial HPGS Conference on September 12, 2016. Those selected for this award are “individuals who have helped to enhance the image of aging or who have promoted the field of gerontology,” according to HPGS sources.

In nominating Dias for the award, Randall Kusaka noted that “the program gives older adults, regardless of their level of fitness, a future of good health through education and motivation.”

Another nominator, Greg Socito stated, “As the host and co-producer of the Future of Senior Fitness, Myles has been a role model, change agent, and advocate for older adults in our communities. He has worked tirelessly to educate and motivate older adults about the importance of exercise, health, and fitness.

“His willingness to enhance the image of aging by taking on difficult community service projects like The Future of Senior Fitness has repeatedly impressed me over the years. In addition to the effort and time invested in this two- to three-year project, he also funded it with his own monetary resources,” Socito added.

Episodes of Future of Senior Fitness aired on Olelo Community Television throughout 2016 - 2017 exposed many common myths about exercise, fitness and wellbeing in older adults. The programs were viewed throughout Hawaii, and succeeded in educating older adults and their families about how to get the most out of healthy activities and exercising, how to avoid pain and injury, how to feel better and enjoy life more through healthy lifestyle choices, and how to get the tools to maintain their independence and enhance the quality of their lives.

Senior Fitness Specialist Myles Dias is one of Hawaii’s premier senior fitness practitioners. He is founder and principal of Myles Dias Fitness Hawaii, LLC. Episodes of Future of Senior Fitness can be seen online at