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Myles Dias, Master Trainer, Certified Senior Fitness Specialist

It's Not That Hard To Keep Fit And Healthy During The Holidays


The holiday season is upon us, and for many people this adds stress, adds calories and interferes with a regular fitness routine. Here are some tips to help you maintain your workout program during this festive season.

1.  Plan Ahead: Think about past holiday seasons and take inventory of what may have derailed your previous efforts to maintain a fitness regimen. Put holiday activities such as parties, shopping, and family events on your calendar, and then work out a schedule that will allow you to go to the gym around those commitments.

2.  Workouts:  When you are at the gym, strive for efficient workouts that include multi-joint, multi-muscle, or compound exercises. For example, lunges with a bicep curl, squat and shoulder press, and planks with leg raises.

3.  Be Consistent and Committed: By all means, take advantage of the fitness equipment offered at your gym. But you can also get a good workout at home or at a nearby park. Most strength exercises and aerobic training can easily be done away from the gym. Floor exercises that include flexibility, core, and balance are easy to do at home. Schedule these on days that you cannot make it to the gym. Arrange to work out with a buddy for more accountability.

4.  Calories and Alcohol:   At this time of year, it’s all too easy to consume extra calories without realizing it. Try to limit your consumption of alcoholic beverages. Although nutritional energy is impacted in various ways by different people; it’s best to adhere to the simple energy in/energy out formula to maintain balance.

5.  Sleep and Recovery:  One of the simplest ways to stay fit this holiday season is to get enough sleep. Sleep is the most important part of recovery. You may be out later than usual and so your workouts may suffer. For optimum recovery get seven to eight hours of sleep. Don’t forget to hydrate, stretch, and monitor the all- important nutrition.

My next blog will be the first of the New Year.  I’ll discuss how to accomplish and achieve 2019 fitness resolutions.

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