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    Almost all older adults suffer from at least one chronic health condition. Many of these increase the likelihood of developing additional chronic conditions, termed comorbidities. For example, hypertension increases the risk for stroke and coronary artery disease.

    It is important to note that physical activity and other lifestyle changes can minimize the effects of these conditions and greatly improve fitness and function. 

       However, many conditions require modifications to ensure safe and effective excercise programs. This section reviews several of the common chronic health conditions, and provides examples on how to  modify exercises to assist older adults.  These exercise EXAMPLES are INFORMATION ONLY and are not intended to be instruction, advice, or incorporated into any individual exercise program.  Always check with your health provider before beginning any excercise program. It is highly recommended to seek the advice of a Certified Personal Trainer, especially one with Senior Fitness experience.  Run your cursor or mouse on the top tab "Common Medical Conditions" for the drop down menu.


How my Service Works
       Free Consultation
The consultation process is very important!  I begin by providing prospective clients with a questionnaire that determines if it is safe to engage in physical activity. It aids me in identifying people for whom certain activities may not be appropriate, or identifies those who may need further medical attention. It is also a great time to discuss fitness goals, find out what kind of physical activity they have been doing, if any, and provide examples of how I can help them and what may be resonable to achieve. I'll also be able to discuss all my Education, Experience, and policies. You can have your questions answered and see if our personalites are a good match!



       Choosing a Location, Time, Frequency, and discussing Session
My individually tailored services are offered at a private fitness studio, through mobile service, at clients homes, or as many of my clients prefer, working outdoors in nature. Once your goal is set and the location and frequency of the sessions are determined I will be able to suggest the best
and most affordable package. Please note that Personal Trainers services ARE NOT covered by medical insurance.
        Pre Exercise Screening

The combination of a pre-exercise screening and several objective assessments will allow me to design the most appropriate program for each individual. During this first session I will do a postural assesment, strength/weakness assessment, flexibility assessment, and a fall risk assessment.


       Getting Started

Be sure to bring a comfortable set of workout clothes to your training session. Your second session after the Pre Exercise Screening session will begin with a light warm-up and start with exercises that will stabilize your core muscles and help you to build a fitness base to avoid injury. I will supervise your warm-up and exercise preparation, walk you through your workouts, answer your questions about exercises and motivate you!


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